Road Warrior

Back Home

The scouting team is back home in Hungary and we are shoveling snow after shoveling sand in Africa. What a change… one week ago we were dying of the heat and humidity in Benin, 2 weeks before we were dry as a lizard’s skin in Algeria and now we struggle with snow.

We can’t rest too much, hell of an administration work started with gatering all the indormation the Algerian authorities need, collcting all the documents the participants need for the visa and in the meantime write the Road Book.

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Mapping mission

Attila Reports from the Mapping Mission, Trans Sahara Rally – 2010

January, 31 – 2010 ~ Sent Via SMS ( finish)
{ EN } Grand Popo, finish!
The place is a paradise, perfect to relax with 28 degrees warm sea. Those who come along with us in March will get a lifetime experience for sure. We are trying to imagine the snow at home, but we couldn’t so far 🙂
Now we go to have some sea crayfish. From tomorrow our task is arranging car selling, car transport, accommodations, party place and our way back home – there is still pretty much to do. Cheers to all of you!

{ HU } Grand Popo, megérkeztünk!
Paradicsomi állapotok, a tenger 28 fokos, tökéletes relax a hely. Aki ezen majd végigjön velünk annak életreszóló élmény lesz az tuti. Próbáljuk elképzelni a havat de nem megy 🙂
Most megyünk langusztát enni.Holnaptól autóeladás, autószállítás, szállás, bulihely, hazaút – van még dolgunk bőven.
Üdv mndenkinek!

January, 29- 2010 ~ Sent Via SMS

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Getting ready

The date of the start for the scouting trip is getting closer so we did a short trip to Geneva to arrange visas for 4 of us going for the mapping. Luckily we made all the arrangements with the Niger and Benin embassies way ahead as we experienced problems even before we got there.

Due to a crazy fog our flight from Budapest was canceled. We were told we had to fly there in the morning at 9:45 to Zurich (!) take another plane to land in Geneva at 1PM and we had a flight back to Budapest at 6PM.
Two embassies not exactly next to each other and a nice pile of paper… not bad for challenge #1.
And 3 flights on the same day….

Gabor checking in – in vain.

After landing in Geneva we rushed to the Niger embassy. The staff was really kind and also efficient (thanks to the fact that we faxed all the application forms there a week before), we discussed some questionsRead More »Getting ready