The Trans Sahara Run may evoke two and a half weeks of complete insanity, however, since no one’s been committed quite yet, we figured the most important reality check that needs to happen is giving back to local communities we encounter. Teams and organizers come from every corner of the globe but we are not simple tourists.

Not only do we aim to explore the long isolated and unknown but to contribute along the way. We pair with local community leaders who give back to the communities we visit. This is a worthwhile and difficult task as few are willing to go where help is most needed. We’ll also be opening up the world to new friendships and opportunities to make a great impression on people you’ll meet.

Don’t forget: you’ll be visiting countries and regions where people live in extremely harsh conditions. So every penny counts. Please support our goals and join our charity program. It’s not required for all participants but greatly enhances the sense of satisfaction that teams experience. Plus we think it’s the right thing to do.

The charity program for the Trans Sahara Run 2011 will be announced later this year.