Where will you go?

    START date: March 13., 2011. Location: Tunis, Tunisia.

The Trans Sahara Run is unique of its kind. Our route was used by the first pioneers of the Paris-Dakar rally in the late ’70s. And you can be one of the few people driving through these extremely remote regions. We don’t like the beaten track so we’re not taking the roads like everyone else. We prefer discovering.

The route covers approximately 6000 kilometers (3,700 miles).

It starts in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. All the teams will meet the night before the event kicks off for a big party. From Tunis, we’ll head southwest, crossing into Algeria and heading deep into the heart of the Sahara. Several days will be spent among magnificent sand dunes, driving between incredible rock formations and gazing awe-struck at the endless seas of sand.

After some time, we cross into Niger, heading south across the savanna. Reaching the border of Benin, we’ll take some time to explore the awesome Penjari Biosphere Reserve for a mini-safari among the elephants, lions, leopards, and hippopotamus that make it their home.

From there our road continues ever southward, passing ancient villages where life seems to have been put on ‘pause’ for centuries. Appearances are deceiving however – this area has a vivid history. It was the centre of the slave trade in the 17-18th centuries. Even today, voodoo is the state religion!
Finally, at the end of the road we’ll find the coastal town of Grand Popo. There, even if everyone’s exhausted, we’ll have one final bash to celebrate the end of our epic coast-to-coast journey.

    FINISH date: March 29, 2011. Location: Grand Popo, Benin.

What should you expect?

We know it’s cliché, but when it comes to the Trans Sahara Run, expect the unexpected! The Sahara is not just a bleak place. Along the way, you’ll encounter incredible people, ancient and unusual architecture, intense heat, breathtaking landscapes, lots of sand, wild open lands, wild animals, cuts and bruises, and time consuming border crossings. There will be problems, it’s inevitable. But the highs will make up for the lows, and plenty of fun will be had by all.

Remember, we won’t hold your hand the whole way. Before the event, we will scout out basic lodging facilities found along the route, and give participants all the necessary information to complete the event. Also we do our best to remain in communication and keep the teams together, but the rest is up to you. So while you should expect to have a lot of fun, also be prepared to think on your feet and solve problems as they arise.

NOTE: Due to security issues in Niger, the Trans Sahara Run 2011 will take place in Tunisia and Algeria, not crossing Niger and Benin.
The Algerian stages had been reworked, updated and extended to ensure an awesome Sahara experience.
See the detailed new route map below.

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