Money matters

We believe that everyone should have the chance to take part in this epic adventure. To help keep the Trans Sahara Run open to all kinds of budgets, we’ve tried to keep costs low, to find sponsors, and to provide low-cost alternatives for necessary expenses.

Entry fees for The Trans Sahara Run

Categories Before
August 31.
August 31.

Competition (per team)
(1 vehicle, max. 4 persons)

Currently N/A

Currently N/A

(per person)
€ 550 € 690
(per person)
€ 400
€ 400

What’s included?

  • The right to participate the Trans Sahara Run
  • Tickets for the launch party in Tunis and the finish party in Grand Popo
  • A comprehensive road book – your ultimate survival guide
  • Help and advice on getting visas and all other paperwork
  • Government permits and escort where applicable
  • Essential and hard-to-find maps
  • Official rally gear (clothing and accessories)
  • Fancy accommodation for the first night in Tunis and last night in Grand Popo
  • Our team’s endless, ‘round-the-clock preparations to make sure everything is sorted
  • Coordination of charity program, including reports on where your donations have gone

How much money will you need?

This is a tough question to answer, since it depends so much on how you plan to roll. If you sleep in the sand, eat canned food, and drive a car with a tiny engine, you’ll obviously need less cash than if you stay in hotels where available, eat in local restaurants and drive a Hummer. In general, all the countries we travel through will be cheaper than your home country. Our estimate is that a team of 2, spending some nights in hotels some in camps, eating out occasionally, and driving a standard 4WD car can do the event with 3000-4000 Euros. But make sure you have reserves with you for emergency!

For a worksheet to help with your calculations (food, lodging, petrol, etc.) see the table below calculated for a team of two:

Costs Low(er) budget for 2 pers. High(er) budget for 2 pers.
Small engine, mostly campings, more can food than restaurants Bigger engine, hotels where available, more restaurant meals than canned food
Visa 390 € 390 €
Insurance 150 € 150 €
Petrol 400 € 700 €
Ferry, Italy-Tunis
400 400 €
Accommodation 440 € 660 €
Food & drinks
200 € 450 €
Car repairs 250 € 300 €
Bribes 50 € 80 €
Flight (Benin to Europe) 1000 € 1000 €
Total 3,280 € for 2 pers.
4,130 € for 2 pers.

Teams can get clever by finding their own sponsors to help off-set the cost of the Trans Sahara Run as well as raise funds for the TSR charities that we have partnered up with.