Getting ready

The date of the start for the scouting trip is getting closer so we did a short trip to Geneva to arrange visas for 4 of us going for the mapping. Luckily we made all the arrangements with the Niger and Benin embassies way ahead as we experienced problems even before we got there.

Due to a crazy fog our flight from Budapest was canceled. We were told we had to fly there in the morning at 9:45 to Zurich (!) take another plane to land in Geneva at 1PM and we had a flight back to Budapest at 6PM.
Two embassies not exactly next to each other and a nice pile of paper… not bad for challenge #1.
And 3 flights on the same day….

Gabor checking in – in vain.

After landing in Geneva we rushed to the Niger embassy. The staff was really kind and also efficient (thanks to the fact that we faxed all the application forms there a week before), we discussed some questionsRead More »Getting ready