Terms and Conditions

This document has been created to provide concrete terms for you understand the implications of signing up for this event. All prospective participants must read it and sign the appropriate page on the registration form.


Each driver must be in possession of a valid driving license. If you’re a non-driving member of a team you don’t need it.


Any passengers that you wish to bring with you in your vehicle must be registered and paid as a team member. All passengers must be at least 18 years of age and must abide by all rules for drivers if they are going to drive at any time.


Any information on the Trans Sahara Run contained within the official website and/or brochures is correct at the time of publishing. However, the content or format of the event may change until the event commences. Organizers will inform all the participants about these changes. The Trans Sahara Run organizers will not accept responsibility or liability for unforeseen events in the course of the event that fall beyond the remit of its competence and influence. No personal loss or injury can be accepted from events resulting in the application of information from this website.


Payment for the Trans Sahara Run is due in full upon sign-up. All payments are final and cannot be altered or substituted. Entrance fees may be refunded only if the event is canceled for any reason. Entry fees can also be transferred to next Trans Sahara Run if the applicant cannot participate the upcoming event and informs the organizers at least 45 days prior to the flag off.


In the touring category, teams may consist of any combination of individuals in the same vehicle.

Maintenance and Repair

Team members are solely responsible for any fuel costs, repairs, and any other costs associated with their event vehicle. Upon the instance of a breakdown, the teams will be responsible to procure the services of local mechanic since the organizers will provide no repair services en route.


The organizers and managers of the Trans Sahara Run will provide a list of accommodations or lodging options for every night during the trip but will not arrange accommodations or boarding. Each team can decide freely where to spend the night according to their budget, but there will be a base camp or hotel every day where the organizers can be found. A hotel package will be introduced in January 2011 which will be available for participant for a certain price covering the whole length of the trip, but it’s not mandatory to buy. With the exception of the first night in Tunis and the final night in Grand Popo, all other accommodations must be arranged and paid for by the participant(s) unless they sign up for the hotel package.

Sponsor Relations

Teams are required to respect the sponsors of the event and all sponsorship material presented during the course of the event. Sponsorship material for official sponsors of the Trans Sahara Run will be displayed on your team’s car. Participants can request not to display any form of sponsorship material on their vehicle, but will have to pay an additional fee determined by the organizers.