A Unique Marketing Opportunity

The Trans Sahara Run is unlike anything you have seen before. The Challenge will draw competitors internationally, including experienced teams from UK, US, Hungary and many others. We have been featured in major media outlets globally for past events and this coverage has a collective audience of millions. Internet media will spread images, video and real life stories to an even wider online demographic. The Trans Sahara Run is a truly unique race of its kind extending a successful niche in the motor sports industry that is followed by millions of people across the globe through multiple media channels. We have a comprehensive range of sponsorship packages available to suit every need. To discover more information about our sponsorship opportunities please contact us here.

Partners of the The Trans Sahara Run :

GEOCHALLENGE Geochallenge is an official distributor for Garmin GPS devices, accessories and maps for more than 8 years. We help you in choosing the right device and maps for your trip. If there’s no official map for a particular region, we collect you the most up-to-date and reliable free maps and upload them onto your GPS device. The participants of the Trans Sahara Run get 5-10% discount depending on the Garmin GPS model, and give a free service in collecting and uploading the necessary maps. Furthermore, we give 10% discount from the prices of the professional Leatherman tools also available in our store.

What kind of services I do offer?
I do rent Iridium and Thuraya phones as well as BGAN satellite terminals to have internet access in remote areas. In addition to the rental business I can offer you each Iridium, Thuraya or Inmarsat product that you are interested in. On my internet store I do offer the most common products but I’m also able to offer you also very special products.

RICKSHAW CHALLENGE The Rickshaw Challenge, a series of autorickshaw events was India’s first response to the rising trend of adventure tourism. events of the Rickshaw Challenge provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for adventure tourists around the globe to deeply explore the culture, mystery, and character of one of the most enchanting countries on Earth. Currently, the Rickshaw Challenge franchise is comprised of four events including The Classic Run – the original Rickshaw Challenge event since in 2006, The Mumbai Xpress – the most popular of Rickshaw Challenge events, The Malabar Rampage – an intense journey and exploration of South India, a region of rich culture, cuisine, and colors unlike anywhere else in the world and The Tech Raid – a uniquely themed event that explores the coexistence of the high-tech and no-tech of India.

This mad jaunt hauls you around 7,000 kilometers (4,400 miles) across 11 countries in just over two weeks. Your adventure starts in beautiful Budapest and after a supreme kick-off party, you trek your way across Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Turkey to the wonderful lands of the Caucasus mountains. More exciting than going to a museum, the route takes you straight into the heart of the former (and recent) conflict zones of Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Georgia and Karabakh, places you’ve probably only heard about on the world news. Wonderful local people, atrocious boarders, ancient architecture, bad roads, endless scenic vistas, pointless administration obstacles, high altitude terrain, subtropical zone, intense heat and cold are only a couple of things you need to deal with before you cross the finish line in Yerevan. Real adventure that beats bungee jumping any day!

This unique event sets out to explore the enigma and exoticness of Eastern Europe. Though Europe has made its way onto the global scene as a world power, Eastern Europe has retained its own character and culture, which still lays relatively untouched by the Western world. The Budapest-Chernobyl Run is for the adventuresome, for those who desire an authentic getaway, and for those who understand that the easy route yields no great reward. Across the bridges of Budapest, up to the doors of Romanian castles, over the Carpathian Mountains, across the Gagauzia region of Moldova, into the breakaway republic of Transnistria, through the Ukrainian countryside and onto the scene of the most devastating accident of the 20th century, you will discover the mysterious spirit of Eastern Europe, build your own stories, and expand your own horizons.